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Mink Captures 2021 to date:    Cambridgeshire  131,   Norfolk  69,   Suffolk  24,   Essex  20,  Lincolnshire  42,   Bedfordshire  14,   Hertfordshire  4      Recent Sightings 2021:  Cambs – between Huntingdon and St Ives, Sighting at Barway.    Norfolk – Norton Subcourse, Brundall, Oxnead, Surlingham, Caister-on-Sea.  SuffolkNear Elveden, River Blyth.    Mink Captures in 2020:   Cambridgeshire  50,  Norfolk  70,  Suffolk  58  

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Welcome – Waterlife Recovery East was started in 2018 when partners from the long running East Anglian Mink and Water Vole Group joined with others from the fields of Wildlife Conservation, Water Management, Game Shooting and Fishing. All share the goal of bringing life back to the waterways and wetlands of East Anglia, through the removal of one highly damaging invasive, non-native species: the American Mink Neovison vison. The project aims for the humane removal of mink from a large part of East Anglia, which would also provide a meaningful test of the feasibility, cost and duration of a GB-wide eradication campaign.

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